Welcome to the Texas CHL Android App and Location Database Site. I'd like to personally thank everyone whom has contributed in either donations or usage of the Android Application.

About Me

I am an enthusiast who believes that everyone has the right to defend themselves and their loved ones from those that would do us harm and I believe firmly in the 2nd ammendment. I operate this website and the Android application as a free service to aid the community who belives in that same basic principle (although I have been known to take donations). I hope your stay here and the usage of the App is a pleasant experience, and if not, please feel free to send me a message via my contact info at the bottom of the site.


The FIVE-STAR Texas CHL Android Application

Get the App here! This is the complete Texas CHL Manual easily organized so you can browse CHL laws anywhere conveniently and discreetly! This app also allows you to enter the locations of 30.06 and 51% businesses and locations directly into a database as well as view entries, sorted by city, that all other users have submitted! Includes FAQ's! Simply a must-have for all Texas CHL carriers. Don't go anywhere without your manual!



This Website

This site supports the FIVE-STAR Texas CHL Android Application found in the Android market. On this site you will find many helpful tools in support of concealed carry in Texas, including the 30.06 / TABC / 50% / No Carry Location database that is updated by good, Texan samaritans that use the Texas CHL Android App as well as many helpful links to the official Texas DPS sites and more.

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